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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Terra Cotta Treat Jars

Fine grit sandpaper
4" diameter terra cotta lid
3" diameter terra cotta lid
6" tall terra cotta pot
6" round glass bowl
Strong adhesive- I recommend E6000 (Glue guns will NOT work for this project!)
Acrylic paint
Foam brushes
Wood knob
Clear acrylic sealer (Spray or a liquid decoupage medium)
Paper to cover your table where you'll be painting.

1. Place your cover on your table.
2. Completely remove all the stickers and sand all the residue off. Fine grit sandpaper works really well. Also sand any rough edges from the terra cotta.
3. Glue small lid in the inside of the larger lid, applying glue around edges of smaller lid. Press together and let dry completely. (Tip- I put a cup on there to keep it in place while it was drying.)

4. Paint the outside of the pot, the wood knob and lid (top and bottom). You will need to do several coats of paint, especially if you use a light color. Allow to dry completely between each coat of paint.
5. Apply clear sealer to all painted areas and allow to dry completely.
6. When paint is completely dry glue knob to the top center of the lid. Press down and hold until secure. Allow to dry completely, approximately 20-30 minutes.
7. Turn your pot upside down. Next put glue on the bottom of the glass bowl and place on the top center of the pot. Hold in place for several minutes until it's secure and allow it to dry completely.
8. When it is completely dry clean out the jars and put in your treats. Decorate with a ribbon around the bottom of the bowl. The ribbon can completely change the look and feel of the bowl so if you choose a neutral color you can use your jar for several different seasons.

The total cost of this is approximately $10. If you already have the paint, sealer and brushes it's even cheaper. With help kids 7 and up should be able to do this project.

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