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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Little Girls Luau Birthday Party


Pigs in a blanket with ketchup and mustard





Cake- 1 9" round white cake with white frosting. We frosted the entire thing white, then dyed some of the frosting pink to make a flower. Then instead of making it a double layer cake we made a dozen cupcakes. We used vanilla frosting dyed green to frost the tops. Then we used a kitchen knife to make the veins like a leaf with yellow sprinkles to make it shine a little.

Drink- punch made with pineapple sherbet and Sierra Mist. Water with lemon slices.

Even though these were all 5-7 year old girls, they ate almost everything. It was relatively healthy too.


Glass stem vases with bright silk flowers

Large glass jars with sand and seashells
Palm trees (in our yard) and plastic blow-up trees

Cut-outs of flowers and tropical birds


I cut out hundreds of flowers with bright colored cardstock with my Cricut machine. Then I got straws and cut them in 1" sections. I cut yard, and the girls made their own leis.

Painting pineapples. My daughter LOVES crafts and painting so the girls painted little wooden pineapple ornaments.


Pinata... a recurring theme, I know. My kids love them.

Coloring the driveway with sidewalk chalks... a big hit with the girls.
Photo shoot. After the girls made their leis, we had them put them on, put on a grass skirt and stand by the little palm trees. They got a copy of the picture with their thank you card.
The last thing was flower hair barrettes that I made for everyone to take home. I made about 25 in just an hour and a half.

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