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Monday, May 25, 2009

Birthday Board

Supplies for Magnet Board:
1) Magnet Board (make sure it will be big enough to fit all the pieces you'll need for months and family members)
2) Paint (any color, I used black)
3) Finishing Spray (Matte or Glossy, I used Matte)
4) Foam Brush
5) Sand paper
6) Painters tape or masking tape
7) Vinyl lettering (bought already cut) or Vinyl for cutting (can use a Cricut for cutting)

Directions for Board:
1) Tape the metal next to the border so paint doesn't get on it
2) Paint the border of your magnet board, let dry.
3) Paint a 2nd coat on the border, let dry.
4) Sand the edges for antique look (optional)
5) Cover the metal and spray with finishing spray, let dry.
6) Spray a 2nd coat of finishing spray on the border, let dry.
7) Add your vinyl lettering to the top (whatever saying you've chosen)

Supplies for Wooden Shapes:
1) Wooden Shapes for months (I used "signs", about 1 1/2" long)
2) Wooden Shapes for individual birthdays (I used 1 1/2" circles)
3) Paint for Shapes (can do different colors, all one color, whatever your preference, I used a creme color for all shapes)
4) Mod Podge
5) Paint Brush
6) Fine Point Sharpie
7) Pictures of each person (I made all my faces just under 1" and printed them in sepia)
8) Any 1" punch, just make sure your pictures will fit on your wooden shape and have room for writing)
9) Magnets to fit your month wooden shapes
10) Magnets to fit your individual birthday wooden shapes
11) Craft glue for wood

1) Paint all wooden shapes with two coats, let dry
2) Punch out each picture with your 1" punch while your paint dries
3) Mod Podge your pictures onto your birthday wooden shapes (no pictures for the months unless you've chosen to do this), let dry completely
4) Write the months on your month wooden shapes with your sharpie
5) Write the name and birthday on each individual wooden shape
6) Glue the magnets onto the back of each wooden shape, let glue cry completely
7) Arrange wooden shapes on your magnet board


Maryann said...

Very cool! I think I'll be making this soon too.

christinebirch said...

That is really cute. I don't know everyone's birthdays so this would be really good for me! Where do you buy magnet board?

Mindy said...

You can buy all your supplies at either Roberts or Michaels.