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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Decorating Flip Flops with Ribbon

Items you need:
2-3 different 1/4" - 5/8" coordinating ribbons or pieces of fabric
Flip flops
Hot glue gun
Directions for tied ribbon flip flops:
Get your ribbon and flip flops. Decide which color you want to start with and tie it around the strap near the bottom. (I didn't pre-cut the ribbon.) I cut the ribbons at an angle to reduce the fraying. I only used 2 ribbons so I did every other one. Keep going until the straps are covered.
Covered straps: (Showing children's shoes. Adult flip flops coming soon.)
Choose your ribbon. If there's enough give, push down through the hole, fill it with hot glue and the end of the ribbon. If there's not enough give then just place a dot of glue at the very bottom of the strap, near where you foot goes. Start wrapping, and continue wrapping until the entire strap is wrapped on both sides. Place more hot glue at the end- the way you did when you started. Put a bow or flower in the middle where your toe goes.
Bejeweled flip flops:
Get ribbon with sequins or crystals and hot glue it on the straps. I added a satin flower with a jewel, but you can add whatever fits your style.

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