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Friday, December 19, 2008

Kids Craft- Snowman Ornaments

I volunteered to help do a craft in his class for their Christmas party. I got really busy this week so I had to scramble a couple of days ago to come up with a craft. I love the Internet! I found a site that had tons of cute ideas, and I found one I thought was cute, quick and easy.

Supply List:
small wooden craft spoons
white craft paint
black Sharpie
black and orange foam sheets
craft glue

1. Paint the spoon with white paint. Let it dry completely (2-5 minutes unless you do a thick coat).
2. While the paint is drying cut out a small piece of the black foam sheet and cut out a hat for the snowman. Then cut out a small triangle for the nose.
3. Make sure the paint is dry, then put a dot of craft glue on the top and put the hat on.
4. Draw the eyes (or put on little google eyes), attach the nose/carrot with a dot of glue, then draw the mouth and buttons.
5. Cut a piece of 1/4" ribbon and tie around the "neck". If it frays, that's okay! It looks more like a scarf.
6. To make it become an ornament simply get a 3"-4" long piece of ribbon, form a loop and attach behind the head.

* All the kids had a fun time making these and thought they were "totally cool." Every single 4th grader there made one, and several kids wanted to make more than one. Some opted not to add the extra ribbon and use it as a bookmark instead.

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