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Thursday, December 11, 2008

My newest crafting...

OK, some of you may or may not know, but I have a little arthritis in my hands. But I have been wanting to learn how to knit. I LOVE knitted things, but it is so expensive to buy them, especially when I know I could learn how to do it myself. My mom taught me how to crochet when I was a teenager, but I can't do it very often because my hands cramp up so bad. So... I thought I would check out these knitting looms. We've all seen them and perhaps have even wondered what they're all about. Well let me tell you... They're great! You can do ANYTHING on a loom. Every regular knitting pattern can be translated into a loom pattern. I can't read regular knitting patterns yet, but I am told that it can be done. Plus there are tons of resources out there on the Internet. I joined two Yahoo! groups for loom knitting. Besides the forums where you can any question you might have about loom knitting, there are also group files where members have uploaded patterns with pictures and instructions to help even the most challenged of us! Lot's of people have blogs about loom knitting too! Plus, each loom or loom set you buy comes with a great little instruction book (in four languages for those who like that). I won't post any pictures of the stuff I've made until after Christmas (so that people on my Christmas lists can be surprised). But here are pictures of the looms. And if you do a Google search for loom knitting or Knifty Knitter you can see tons of stuff that can be made with these bad boys.

Round looms. Not just for hats!!

Spool Loom. I don't know why it's called that. I made a big flower with mine. First I made a long rope, then used the blue round loom to form the petals. I think it turned out pretty cute.

Here are some more tips if you decide to get into it: I have a project bag that I keep the pieces
I'm working on safe. It also holds the looms that don't come in re-sealable bags. I keep my hooks and needles in a small pencil box that I can just slip inside my project bag. And because I am working on a lot of projects for Christmas presents, I have 3 or 4 different colors of yarn. Those yarn balls (otherwise known as skeins) can get confusing. Let me tell you the genius idea I saw on a forum for keeping them straight: Have you ever seen those smaller reusable grocery bags at Basha's? They are for alcohol. The inside is divided up into 6 spaces to put wine bottles, etc. into. Well, I bought a couple of them when we were still living there, thinking I would use them for sparkling cider and stuff during the holidays. I haven't, but they are prefect for keeping all that yarn separate and tangle-free. So, go try loom knitting, you'll love it too! (And it makes you feel like you're not totally lazy when you're watching all that t.v. you watch - well that I watch.)


Maryann said...

I can't wait to see what you've done! My hands do the same thing (not fun when I'm trying to play the piano or organ), so I'm glad to hear that it can be done! I've taken a couple of knitting classes, and although I've done a couple of small practice projects, it's been so long that I've forgotten how to do it. Didn't know that the looms were actually useful. TFS!

Amy said...

I'm looking forward to seeing some completed projects. I've been wanting to try knitting for a while now. Maybe I will now with your tid bit of info. Thanks for the inspiration. Oh yeah, I like the part about not feeling so guilty while watching tv. Done deal. Ha!