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Thursday, January 29, 2009

FHE in a Jar

Last night for our mutual activity, we put together FHE in a Jar kits. I must admit, they turned out pretty dang cute. I got the original document of strips from But when I opened the word document, the formatting came up really bad, so I copied and pasted it into an Excel spread sheet and fixed the formatting to make it nice and uniform. Each strip contains a song, scripture(s), and a question to discuss. So easy! This would also be good for scripture study/journalling. I thought to make it a complete FHE there should be treats! So, I got on and searched for "easy treats" and "easy desserts." So, you have 7 pages of FHE lesson strips, and 5 pages of easy recipe strips. I printed the lesson strips on white paper, and the treat strips on colored paper so you could tell the two apart and pick one of each. I also made some cute tags to put on the outside. In Jenny Smith's document, the first page is a tag and instructions. Just so you know.

I think they turned out pretty cute and I hope the girls use them! I know I will! Plus, under Good Works in their Personal Progress books is a goal about teaching Family Home Evening - so we got a lot into just one activity.

FHE in a Jar Lesson strips (.xls - Excel spreadsheet)
FHE in a Jar Lesson strips (.pdf - Adobe Acrobat)

Easy Treats strips for FHE in a Jar (.doc - Word document)
Easy Treats strips for FHE in a Jar (.pdf - Adobe Acrobat)

FHE in a Jar Tags (.ai - Adobe Illustrator)
FHE in a Jar Tags (.pdf - Adobe Acrobat)

The original source of FHE in a Jar on


Meredith said...

Wonderful - thanks for the links - it really looks darling!

Megan said...

Do you still have these documents somewhere? The links go to an old domain, to a dreamblossoms website. If you could update the link or I could get these via email attachment, please let me know. Thanks!

Booth Family said...

I love this idea! I tried to click on the links and they have expired. We're wanting to do this for a RS activity. Any chance you could send me the files? my email is
Thanks so much!