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Monday, October 26, 2009

A few more Halloween crafts for you

Here are a few more crafts that you can do. Refer to these posts for directions for the wreath and the letters.One thing I did differently was to add a black boa to the top. All you have to do to add that is use craft or hot glue and stick it down carefully. You can certainly add it to a board or hang it with ribbon.
This wreath differs from the Valentine wreath in that I bought wooden shapes from the craft store. I colored them with Sharpies, then sealed them with Mod Podge. That will help protect them in case of rain. I hot glued them to the wreath.

This was a really easy craft. I spray painted terra cotta pots with a glossy black paint. I added the round foam and stuck the flowers in. To use it for Thanksgiving just remove the garland and raven.

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