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Monday, October 12, 2009

Pumpkin Table Runner

Several pieces of orange, black and green felt (Yellow felt if you'd rather use that for the faces.)
Sewing machine
Orange, black and green thread (or you can just use one- your preference)
Patterns (Either printed from the computer or cut out with a Cricut machine. You need two sizes so you can back it.)
Temporary (repositionable) fabric glue
Cut out the pumpkin either from a computer printout or on your Cricut. Also make one that's 1/2" larger for the backing.
Cut out the pumpkin, stem/leaves and the backing. Cut out the pumpkin faces with either the black or yellow. When you're done with the faces then use a temporary fabric glue to secure them.

When the glue is dry stitch the faces to the pumpkins. The first picture is the backside, and the second picture is the front view.After you've stitched the faces on there arrange them until you like the way they look. When you have them the way you like them stitch them together using black thread. You can have them face the same direction or twist and turn them to add visual interest.

I opted to keep them all facing the same way. This is how my table runner looked when completed.Here's how it looks on my table. I spray painted the sticks black, found black roses and have a couple of luminaries. Fun stuff!

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