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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Classroom behavior chart

I have been making non-Halloween related items too. I was asked by my daughter's second grade teacher to make a behavior chart for the classroom. They have four different colors to gauge behavior: green= good, yellow= warning, orange= repeated warnings, and red= continued poor behavior. She wanted these on popsicle sticks instead or paper cards. The kids change them according to their behavior. They're still young enough that it is a good motivator. (I'm thinking of making a smaller one and using it at home with my kiddos.)

Supplies for poster
Poster board
8 1/2" x 11" cardstock in various colors
strong adhesive (I used Tombow Permanent Mono Adhesive)
Cricut and font cartridge (or other template for numbers and letters)
Coluzzle library card holder template, cutting mat and blade (or make your own to suit your needs)
Popsicle sticks
Markers or paint in red, yellow, orange and green

Directions for the poster:
1. Cut out the library card holder shapes using the Coluzzle and cardstock. Although the class isn't quite this big I made it for 30 kids. Assemble into pockets.
2. Cut out numbers and words.
3. Figure out the layout you like best for the cards and adhere them on the poster.
4. Put the numbers on the pockets, and the words on the poster.
5. Laminate. Using an Exacto knife slice open the openings to the pockets.
Directions for the popsicle sticks:
Measure the popsicle sticks and mark the midway point on both sides. Paint or color with markers the four colors, 2 on each side. You may need to paint several coats. Seal with Mod Podge.

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