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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween Countdown Blocks

I have seen countdown blocks at various craft fairs in recent years, but usually for Christmas. A friend forwarded a link to me with Halloween blocks. It looked pretty easy so I thought I would tackle this project too. I think I'll make one for Thanksgiving and Christmas after I finish this one. (I'm posting complete directions, and when I finish mine I'll put pictures with it.)


4" x 4" wood beam cut into 3 pieces- 1- 8" x 4" block and 2- 4" x 4" blocks


Scrapbook paper
Paper trimmer
Mod Podge
Foam brushes
Vinyl numbers and saying for the bottom block

1. First off I found that the 4" x 4" beam was actually 4" x 3 1/2"
. Grr. So I had my husband cut the wood to 4" x 3 1/2" instead of having him cut it a little smaller. I hope that it still looks good! Once your wood is cut sand it until it's smooth. Make sure to check the edges so you can avoid splinters!2. Paint the wood with your favorite color of paint. If you're using a dark color you may need to do several coats. Some people paint the entire thing. I just do the outer inch or so because I'm going to cover it with scrapbook paper. That's totally up to you. When the paint is dry you can sand the edges to give them a distressed look. Again, totally personal preference.3. While the paint is drying cut out your decorative scrapbook paper. I used 6 different papers so I would have a different paper for each side. Cut them 1/2" smaller than your measurement so you'll have some of the paint showing.
4. When your paint is dry put Mod Podge on one side and then on the underside of your paper. It sticks really well this way. Apply the paper to your block and make sure you rub out all the air bubbles. (I use my Pampered Chef scraper.) Continue doing this on all 6 sides fall 3 blocks.
5. Apply your vinyl numbers and words to your blocks.
6. When you're done apply at least one coat of Mod Podge to the top of all your paper. I have found that it's easiest if I leave one side dry so the others can dry and then I paint the final side.
Once everything dries you're done. Display them however you like!

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